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grand theft auto v online

What are the expected minimum GTA 5 system requirements for PC? Well there are a few factors which will have an effect on those specs. First of all the rage/euphoria engine. The physics engine used for the latest installment is… Read More »

The most played deathmatch mode and in general the most popular event next to free-roam on GTA V Online by… Read More »

This GTA Online Deathmatch shootout takes place at the Altruist Cult Compound in the forest of Mt. Chilliad State Wilderness…. Read More »

Review & Guide The GTA 5 Onlime deathmatch mode “Boatyard” takes place at the south of Mount Chilliad, right at… Read More »

The GTA 5 Online deathmatch mode “Bluffs” can be accessed from the start on and requires a rank of Lvl….Read More »

One of the most played GTA 5 Online Deathmatch modes is called “Ace Liquor”. This competition is a good way… Read More »
gta 5 online crew

Join the GTA5online Crew!

We are ready to launch our crew today! We will accept all applicants for a limited time only! This offer ends soon. What we search: Active members Experienced and skilled players Owning a PS3 is a plus Gamers need… Read More »

GTA 5 was released on 17th September as everyone know, where the GTA Online game was held back untill today. That gave us the opportunity to get familiar with the game world in singleplayer modes and explore the opportunities. Based… Read More »

As a part of the IGN’s GTA 5 feature week, the second article, this time about GTA 5 Online Hands-on Preview, was published just now. The post revealed: The IGN staff were the first non Rockstar employees to play the…Read More »

GTA 5 Banshee Giveaway Contest By Gamestop We have more details on the GTA 5 real-life Banshee. Gamestop holding a contest where you can win the in co-operation of West Coast Customs and Rockstar Games designed Banshee. You can enter… Read More »

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